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Welcome to the online gallery of visual artist Jeremy Kyle.  Jeremy has developed a powerful technique, working in watercolour and ink mixed media to create stand out works in visual communication.  His paintings are known for their splatters and intricate line-work, creating highly detailed and dynamic pieces of art which immediately capture the attention in the room. Jeremy’s creativity and artistic skill are sought after on international levels, having been commissioned to make paintings for world names including the Chicago Bulls, The New York Times, The History Channel and the United Nations.

From an early love of art at elementary school, to becoming an internationally recognised artist at a young age, Jeremy Kyle has established an art brand noteworthy of collectors. Most well known for being commissioned to create the Chicago Bulls 50th Anniversary paintings, and the feature art for the Presidential suites at the United Center Stadium.  Jeremy's artworks now grace the walls of well known CEO's and celebrities, including Michael Jordan, Derrick Rose, Pau Gasol and Jimmy Butler.

His works give the impression of being dynamic and highly spontaneous, yet are actually very precise, deliberate and careful in their execution.  They quickly inspire a sense of motion and vibrancy to the viewer, with the images passionately speaking or sometimes even leaping from the canvas.

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Dear Jeremy,

..I have no doubt your ability to uniquely capture life’s moments,

from the routine to the extraordinary will continue to serve you well..
— Michael Jordan



United Nations
History Channel
The New York Times
Chicago Bulls
NHL Blackhawks
United Center

Under Armour
Casio G-Shock
2pac Brand
Remix Magazine

Component Media
West Coast Activewear
.99 Enterprises
Marcens Agency

SP Sports Cafe (Saudi Arabia)
Jasons Products
ATEED New Zealand
Esther Melody Band
Barbershop Co.
100% NZ


Awarded top 10 international advertising & branding projects of 2016 by Adage for his work with New York Times design department, T-Brand Studios. [1] [2]

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