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Frequently Asked Questions

Are You The
Television JK?

Although I have spoken on television a few times to discuss my artworks and what i’m doing around the world, I am not the Jeremy Kyle British television show host. I merely happen to share the same birth name as him.

Who Creates
The Artworks

All of the artworks exhibited on this site is created by Jeremy Kyle / Artist. For more information about Jeremy please see the Biography page on this website.

How Do You
Create The Art?

Jeremy Kyle is a rising star in the world of art uniquely combining traditional painting methods along with digital graphic design to create stunning works of art, frequently described as ‘unique’. Jeremy typically works with watercolours, inks, acrylics, pencils, pens, twinks and various paper textures. Jeremy is famous for his splatter techniques where he manually throws his paints at the page, and finishing with spontaneous erratic line-work creating greater dimension and emotion in each artwork. To create the various flares and splashes of colour Jeremy uses short bursts of breath on the watercolours to create eye-catching movements around the art.

Jeremys artworks on average take between 2 weeks to 1 month from planning to completion depending on the size, subject and amount of detail required to pull off a master piece.

Originals Artworks & Certificates

All Original artworks come with a certificate of authenticity confirming that the artwork is the Original and is a unique, one-of-a-kind, work of art. (DO NOT LOSE THE CERTIFICATE). Any artwork purchase you make does not grant you the right to reproduce the artwork. All copyrights and reproduction rights are retained by the artist. You may not reproduce any artwork by any process without the expressed written permission of the artist. All Originals are shipped rolled in a mailing tube for maximum protection.

What Is A Limited Edition Print?

Limited edition' prints have a set number that can only ever be produced and each is individually signed and numbered by Jeremy. The increased prices of the limited edition prints reflect the value of being a finite piece of art. Any Limited Edition Print collected will increase in value over time. Open Edition prints have no capped number on how many are produced and is reflected in the value.

Order Pick Up

Yes, you are welcome to pick up your order from our premises in Howick, Auckland. Please contact us either by email or our contact page

Shipping Framed Artworks Overseas

We only provide a single option for shipping framed artworks overseas [20x20cm - White Framed Open Edition Print]. Unfortunately we can’t ship other framed artworks of a larger size due to the risks for the glass smashing and nobody is going to be happy about that happening.

Can I Come Browse Your Shop In Person?

We are an online store, we don't have a physical shop ourselves, but there are plenty of shops that do sell our art. Please contact us for information about our retailers in your area.

I Want To Add A Note To My Order

Yes, there is a message box at the check out page. Once you've added a product to your cart and proceed to checkout you may include your additional notes in the message box section.

I Want To Sell Your Work In My Store

Please email us:  and tell us about your store. We'll reply as soon as possible