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Born in Utah, USA, but raised in Auckland, New Zealand, Jeremy spent much of his childhood drawing, fishing and playing video games. Studied visual art and graphic design from three universities (Unitec, Yoobee Design School and Whitecliffe). After graduating with a Bachelors degree in Graphic Design, Jeremy started his career in Visual Art at the end of 2011.

Career Highlights:

• Jeremy's has received commissions from global names including the United Nations, The New York Times, The Chicago Bulls, NHL Blackhawks, Under Armour, The History Channel and many others.

• Commissioned by the Chicago Bulls to create a series of paintings to celebrate their historic milestone of 50 years of Basketball History.

• Commissioned by the United Center to create a series of artworks that fill their presidential suites at the United Center Stadium (home of the Chicago Bulls and NHL Black Hawks). 

• In 2016 Jeremy Kyle was commissioned to make a series of paintings by the United Nations to convey the Secretary General's (Ban Ki-Moon) vision for Humankind. (The project was named 'The Agenda For Humanity'). 

• Jeremy's artworks have been featured internationally by recognised names including CNN, Adage, BuzzFeed, 2pacs Estate, HoopedUp, Behance, Adobe, TVNZ, The New Zealand Herald, Illustrated Monthly and many others.

• Debuted his first solo sports exhibition in New Market, Auckland, which was featured in the New Zealand Herald. 

• Jeremy's originals have sold for tens of thousands of dollars a piece.

• Has been invited around New Zealand and Australia to speak to hundreds of students and professionals about visual art, branding and ecommerce. 


Jeremy combines traditional painting methods with graphic design to create stunning works of art. His materials include watercolours, inks, acrylics, pencils, pens, twinks, print and various textures.

Jeremy is renown for his splatter techniques, passionately throwing his paints for unique effects. To accentuate his splatters Jeremy uses short bursts of breath on the paints to create eye-catching movements around the art. 

When rendering His line-work, Jeremy uses erratic, spontaneous hand movements creating greater detail and dimension in every artwork. On average Jeremy's artworks take between 2 weeks to 1 month from planning to completion depending on the size, subject and amount of detail required to finish the project.


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