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Hello world, my name is Jeremy Kyle!

No, not the ITV host you might have seen on British TV. I'm a kiwi artist living in New Zealand. You may not have heard of me, but you've likely seen my art around the Internet.

A few years ago, (in 2011 to be precise), I began experimenting with watercolour mixed media painting. I didn't think too much of it at the time, but fast forward a few years, I was being commissioned to make artworks for world renowned names including:

  • The Chicago Bulls,
  • The New York Times,
  • The History Channel and
  • The United Nations.

More on that in a moment, but first...

Welcome to my website! As you may have heard I'm a mixed media artist from New Zealand.

You've probably been searching online for that special artwork to create that vibrant room atmosphere.

  • That vibrant artwork that would brighten up your room.
  • That vibrant artwork that would inspire your guests.
  • That vibrant artwork that would bring your decor to life!

Sadly, most art you see online doesn't look so good in person. and unfortunately, many people are left disappointed...

This should never be the case!

That's why I've spent over a decade perfecting my craft to create the most stunningly crisp, vibrant art prints available anywhere in the market! 

Each artwork is hand-made using ultra-vibrant ink on premium quality canvas, every print looks and feels like an original painting.

In other words... quality matters! Your decor matters! And so do your art buying expectations.

Sounds pretty intriguing right?

But what most likely caught your attention were not these particular features, but my artistic style.

You're among good company!

Since starting to paint in 2011 my art style has attracted world renowned clients to make paintings for international projects including:

The Chicago Bulls 50th Anniversary: 

Artworks that were commissioned to commemorate their landmark year of fifty years of basketball. 

View Project

The New York Times & History Channel 

Commissioned paintings for the 2016 reboot of the famous America mini-series 'Roots'.

View Project 

The United Nations: 

Commissioned paintings for the 'Agenda For Humanity' project for the United Nations first ever World Humanitarian Summit.

View Project

Under Armour: 

A series of paintings commissioned to tell the companies story from founding to present day competitor with Nike.

View Project

...In fact if you want to see a list of my past commissions/clients and features at a glance just click on the drop down menus below :)

Past Commissions/Clients
*Disclaimer all trademarks displayed are merely to reference my past clients who have commissioned artwork from me. In no way am I affiliated, sponsored or endorsed by any of these trademark owners.
*Disclaimer:  all trademarks displayed are merely to reference my past media features who have either interviewed, discussed or showcased my art. In no way am I affiliated, sponsored or endorsed by any of these trademark owners.

and some other notable art achievements like being awarded top 10 international advertising & branding projects of 2016 by Adage. But that's a story for another time...

So what are you waiting for! 

Bring your decor to LIFE and INSPIRE your guests with a renowned splash canvas artwork by Jeremy Kyle Art today! 

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