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About Jeremy

Jeremy Kyle is a renowned artist from New Zealand. He's made commissioned paintings for clients including the Chicago Bulls, the New York Times, History Channel and the United Nations.

Clients & Commissions


Jeremy combines traditional painting with graphic design to create eye-catching art

Materials: Watercolours, inks, acrylics, pencils, pens, twinks and various textures

Breath: Jeremy uses short bursts of breath on the paints to create interesting movements

Linework: To create greater dimension and detail, Jeremy uses intuitive, spontaneous hand movements

Time: Each artwork is carefully rendered, taking up to one month, from planning to completion

Featured video

Interview With Jeremy Kyle Art

Featured video

Interview With Jeremy Kyle Art

Notable Commissions

Chicago Bulls 50th Anniversary

A series of paintings commissioned by the Chicago Bulls to commemorate their landmark year of 50 season of basketball.

United Nations

In 2016 Jeremy Kyle was commissioned to make a series of paintings by the United Nations to convey the Secretary General's (Ban Ki-Moon) vision for Humankind.

United Center Stadium

A series of paintings commissioned for the United Center Stadium Presidential Suites. In collaboration with the Chicago Bulls and NHL Chicago Blackhawks.

Under Armour

Paintings commissioned to story-tell the journey of Under Armour, from initial idea, through to current day brand as a global giant in sports-wear

The New York Times & History Channel

Commissioned art for the History Channels reboot of the famous American TV series 'Roots'. Project in collaboration with The New York Times

NBA Commission

A couple of artworks commissioned by the NBA in 2017

Michael Jordan:

"Dear Jeremy, I have no doubt your ability to uniquely capture life's moments, from the routine to the extraordinary will continue to serve you well"
Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls Legend