United Nations 'Agenda For Humanity' Project

United Nations 'Agenda For Humanity' Project
In 2016 Jeremy Kyle was commissioned by the United Nations to convey the Secretary General's (Ban Ki-Moon) vision for Humankind. Each painting explains a specific point in the Agenda being put forward at the UN's first 'World Humanitarian Summit' which took place in Istanbul, Turkey. Jeremys' multi-layered techniques and ability to communicate the vision was realised over the period of 2-3 months.

 Agenda 1. Prevent and End Conflict: 

The hand of power snuffing out the potential chaos symbolised in the smouldering flame. Even a small fire has the potential to lead to devastation. The hand requires action and boldness to snuff out the flame. The smoke reveals the idea that the destructive fire has been prevented revealing the title / agenda this piece represents. In each artwork I used the UN blue as a unifying colour, while keeping an organic complimentary colour pallet. In this case the UN blue is on the nails revealing the idea the leaders of the world need to be 'close at hand' in order to snuff out all potential conflicts.
Agenda 2. Respect The Rules Of War:
For this artwork I wanted to convey the idea that if any nation or people group engage in war they must respect the rules to leave all civilians and civilian infrastructure alone. To communicate this idea I drew an innocent girl quietly sitting on the edge of a knight reading her book. The girl represents civilians all around the world and their right to education, health, freedom, and the desire to carry on with their lives.. When conveying the element of war in this artwork I wanted to stay away from drawing anything too literal or grotesque, for this reason I decided to draw the knight, the most iconic piece in chess. The knight is also historically known for his moral code, living up to the rules, protecting and respecting the innocent, he is the defender of the weak. The size ratio is also important as it distinguishes the power difference between the two. The UN colour blue was used for the knight to symbolise that all leaders and nations must respect the rules of war. The blue also articulates the idea that war is brutally cold at heart like ice.
Agenda 3. Leave No One Behind:

When creating this artwork I wanted to capture the visual expression of heroism, compassion, strength and boldness. Although the (UN) blue sleeve shirt represents the global leaders it goes beyond them to you and I. It is the responsibility of us all to help up the needy, the oppressed, the hurting and the forgotten. Where ever we are in the world we must be mindful of our fellow humans no matter who they are or where they come from, for we are all made in the image of God and have equal value in his sight. Let us 'Leave No One Behind!' 
Agenda 4. Work Different To End Need: 
There are many brilliant people in the world and yet there are so many people with a lack in the basic necessities of life, especially education. This artwork brings together the idea that when we combine our thinking we can come up with new ways of working in order to end need. Amongst the various symbolisms these glasses represent, (empowerment, clear thinking, and imagination) this artwork also conveys a practical application too. There are millions of people who have a need like poor eyesight hindering them from leading productive lives. Let's work different to end need.
Agenda 5. Invest In Humanity: 
When creating this artwork I wanted to convey an abundant investment without getting too complex / tacky through various symbolisms. For this reason I decided to stick to a semi symbolic / literal concept in order to directly communicate the Agenda while maintaining creative flare. The water in this artwork symbolises money, time and education. When we invest into humanity we are sowing into a brighter future for us all. We are in this life together and we need to invest into each other, we are not in competition to one another but bring completion to each other.
Jeremy Kyle visiting the United Nations HQ in New York.